photo what is the principle of the law of attraction in the quest for happiness?

what is the principle of the law of attraction in the quest for happiness?

Bliss is a great virtue in human life. It is a human nature to thirst for happiness, regardless of age, social affiliation, or race. The law of attraction is the power of the similar energies to be attracted to each other. The focus of this passage is to identify the power of such a universal law to attract contentment.

What is the principle of the law of attraction in the quest for happiness?

Complaints attract worries

You may have noticed that pessimistic people usually complain in life, and it looks as if there is not anything positive in their life. They are never grateful, even for the great gift of being alive. Thus, they focus their attention on problems. Therefore, their life is endowed with more and more predicaments, and each time you talk to them, they have more dissatisfaction to complain about.

The power of mind to attract happiness

Our thoughts express our desire; in other words, our thoughts express our beliefs. Through our mind, we can visualize the kind of life we are longing to have; and with the power of our words, everything will come into realization fast.

Thus, optimistic individuals can attract happiness to themselves. Our thoughts have the power of prediction through visualization, and they are so powerful that they can materialize our desire at no time at all. By visualizing happiness, we are likely to attract happiness.

Gratefulness attracts happiness

A positive energy attracts another, and by being grateful for everything, even for the slightest opportunities, you can attract happiness. The process goes as follows:

  • In sadness, give thanks and treat your heart kindly by accepting the reality. Keep your face relaxed and happy despite the pain.
  • In difficulties, do not blame but show love to those who have caused the worries, and give thanks to them. Invite them to share a meal or have a drink with you.
  • In times of trouble or fear, sing relaxing songs. If you are a believer, praise God with all your heart and mind, and clap your hands.
  • In times of happiness, show your gratitude, give thanks to everyone and to the Supreme Being.

Attract happiness at every moment you live

“Every moment in your life is unique”, said the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat. To attract happiness, train yourself every day to be happy with everything and with everyone. It is important to look for the bright side of everything. Take a time to be happy with the bright sun, the darkness, the air, the water, and everything.

For example, if it is raining in the morning, avoid calling it a bad day, because if you do so, it may attract negative happenings for your day. Instead, focus on the utility of the rain for us. Without the rain, our water supply will be depleted; and without water, life on earth will be impossible.

By making the others happy, you attract happiness

Hungry friends usually feel happy if you share your snack with them. Likewise, if you act for humanity, you can put a smile on many people's face. As a result, happiness will be attracted to you.

To undertake in charity acts, it is a good idea to join an association. If you are willing to give donations to organizations, which promote human well-being, you can do so through the TPRF Foundation. By eliminating negativity in our mind, we can attract unmeasurable bliss into life.