Does hapiness make you succeed ?

Does hapiness make you succeed ?

Scholars define happiness as a feeling of contentment or satisfaction in life. Material wealth can bring about happiness; however, that kind of happiness may not always last forever for many reasons. Bandits may come to rob the wealth and take away such happiness; pests may ruin the harvest and disappointment will fill the air.

As a matter of fact, happiness from material fortunes cannot last forever. On the other hand, true happiness derives from the feeling of peace within the mind, the heart and the soul. Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who advocates inner peace for global harmony. He said that mind tranquility is within us, and it gives true happiness to an individual. So, in this passage, we will consider the roles of happiness to bring about success.

Does happiness make you succeed?

Happiness is mind tranquility

True bliss emanates from peace within. Despite the large accumulation of material possessions, it will be impossible for any individual to be truly contented unless they have inner peace. Only when an individual has mind tranquility can they feel great contentment. Therefore, it is true that bliss is no other than self-actualization, and such a state of stillness in mind leads to success.

Anger leads to destruction

It is undeniable that angry mind leads to destruction. Feeling angry, an individual may overreact, and their inability to control their emotion make they destroy things around them. They vent their anger and resentment or grudges at their belongings or at the others' fortunes by destroying them. For instance, it is often said in the news that the angry mob destroyed public properties.

But happiness leads to construction

In contrast, happy people help one other to do things for their society. For example, they give hands in cleaning and improving the neighborhood; they help one another to construct infrastructure in the society. The traditional society was characterized by mutual help, which caused great satisfaction and success despite the lack of resources or equipment to carry out the tasks. Thus, it is absolutely true that happiness leads to success.

Happiness attracts creativity

Sadness leads to forgetfulness and troubled mind prevents an individual from focusing on their goals. Filled with sorrows, it is impossible for an individual to have clarity and visualize a successful project. In other words, if an individual feels sad, they won't be able to perform at their best. In contrast, peace within happy individuals inspires them to create new things and improve their living conditions and environment. Creative mind leads to prosperity and that will eventually bring about success.

Happiness leads to prosperity

Being at peace with the others lead to happiness, because if you are in good terms with the others, they will help you in all your tasks. An advantage of living in harmony in the society is that it promotes emotional support and great enthusiasm in all our endeavor. Supporting one another in everything leads to prosperity, and this will eventually lead to indefinite success.

By making the others happy, you attract happiness

Your hungry friends usually feel joyful if you share your snack with them. Likewise, if you act for humanity, you can put a smile on many people's face. By making people happy, happiness will be also attracted to you. To undertake in charity acts, it is a good idea to join an association.

If you are willing to give donations to organizations, or contribute to the promotion of human well-being, you can do so through the TPRF Foundation. By focusing on mind tranquility, we can attract unmeasurable bliss into life, which in turn guarantees success.

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