Does understanding the past make future brighter?

Does understanding the past make future brighter?

Understanding the past means having a good knowledge of the past. Prem Rawat said, "This life that has been given to us as a gift, as such a precious gift. To really try to understand it, really try to recognize it, is the greatest meditation."

Such a message of peace that this ambassador of peace is trying to convey to mankind aims at attracting our attention on the importance of having good understanding of the past. Why is such knowledge essential?

Does understanding the past make future brighter?

What should be exactly understood in the past?

Good understanding of the past is defined as a sound knowledge of the past events and the reasons why they existed or happened. In fact, the real past started from the creation of the Earth and mankind.

To have clarity about past life and history, it is essential to ask some fundamental questions, such as:

  • Who created the universe?
  • How was it created and why?
  • Where do spirits come from?
  • Why is mankind created?
  • Why are there diverse religions?
  • What caused conflicts and wars among nations?
  • Why do leaders quest for supreme authority?

Understanding the past will free us from deception

By gaining clarity over past history, it is possible to have a good understanding of the motives and intentions of our enemies or surroundings. Without this knowledge, we are likely to waste much time analyzing several theories and assumptions again and again.

The enemies are so sneaky that they do everything to conceal the truth in order to bring about more confusion and controversies for them to dominate the others. Therefore, it is essential to invest our time in understanding the past in order to carefully plan and brighten the future.

Understanding the past can promote spirituality

By understanding why God created man on Earth and what their mission is, it is possible to improve spiritual life. Likewise, good knowledge of why nations engage in conflicts against each other will empower peace advocates to develop suitable measures to restore world peace. Strong motivation for peacekeeping efforts will spark from such knowledge.

Besides, to ensure a bright future, clear action plans should be designed. Therefore, it is essential that we clearly understand every past happening, and hold fast to what is good.

By helping the others understand the past, you impart a brighter future to mankind and to the Earth

After you gain good understanding of the past, it is important to share such knowledge to your surroundings and to other people to build the bright future together.

What they need is a teacher and a guide to show them the way to the happy world, which is nothing else but the universal peace where mankind lives in harmony and love for each other. Be a peace moderator like Prem Rawat, the founder of the TPRF Foundation, and teach people about serene living.

Understand the past will guarantee freedom from enslavement

It is undeniable that knowledge has the power to free mankind from slavery. By understanding or having a good knowledge of our enemies' strategies, it will be easy to find the right way to tackle them down and put an end to their malevolent intentions.

Thus, clarity will prevent them from keeping knowledgeable individuals from their trap. Likewise, good understanding of the reasons for a specific problem or disease will empower us to suitable, efficient strategies and technique to remedy the situation and better their future.

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